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by Airbed Guy on February 6, 2011

This is the third article in the 4 part series on the ultimate camping air mattress

Living large in the woods

Camping Mattress

Coleman Camping Mattress 4 in 1 quickbed

We all have some friends or family members who aren’t really the camping type. Usually it has a lot to do with their memories of an uncomfortable nights sleep. So while I take all of the articles here on airbed guy seriously I’ve taken a particular personal interest in searching for the best camping air mattress that will open up camping to people who haven’t liked it in the past.

Now I’m going to go ahead and put this out there before I reveal my recommendation. I have not always been a big fan of Coleman airbeds. I’ve had two older models leak on me during a camping trip and another while someone was visiting us and it left a bad impression. BUT, it seems that Coleman has heard the complaints from their customers loud and clear and have done something about the problem with their “AirTight system” that is now making their large inflatable mattresses some of the most airtight in the industry.

So with confidence I’m recommending the Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed. This is a really cool bed. Let’s start with why it’s called the 4-in-1 though it’s not really hard to figure out.  This is actually four beds in 1! You can zip the beds together to make an enormous king-sized airbed (1) separate them and use them as 2 twin beds (2 and 3), stack and snap them together to make a double high twin bed (4).

Now all of that is fine and good but what about the bed you say? Well, it’s amazing. In addition to being a bed that you can be almost certain will not deflate on you during the night it is a split chamber bed. This means that each side of the bed can be inflated to it’s own firmness. Nice eh! The top of the bed is a soft suede which will keep your sheets from slipping off. The bed itself is made from a heavy duty PVC formula which will prevent punctures and leaks.

The last feature of what they call the wrap ‘n’ roll and it’s amazing. How it works is at the end of one of the chambers is a sack that’s attached to the bed. You simply open the air chambers on the camping air mattress to deflate, fold the bed up and then roll it towards the sack and it easily stuffs in. You’re not going to find a more convenient storage system on an airbed.

At around $45 I can understand why you may be skeptical. I know there are a lot of other airbeds on the market that cost a lot more and yes they probably even mention camping as a side note but believe me, they have not taken the design of their camping air mattress as serious as Coleman has with this model. Whether it’s just you and someone special sharing a mattress or even a family of 4, this bed is going to be able to handle what you can dish out for years to come. It very well could be the last camping air mattress you ever buy and will almost certainly be one of the best nights of sleep you ever get while camping.

If you have any feedback on this bed or any questions please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.

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